Jeff Bezos’s Biography

Jeff Bezos’s Biography

Jeff Bezos’s Biography Jeffrey Preston “Jeff” Bezos (born 12 January 1964) is the founder, president, chief executive officer of and chairman of board. Bezos, who is a graduate of Princeton University and who has received a prestigious honor named Tou Beta Pi,

The career of Jeffrey Preston

After graduating from Princeton University in 1986, Bezos worked in the field of computer science at Wall Street. Then he worked for a company named Fitel to create a network for international business. After this, Bezos worked as the Vice President for the Bankers Trust. He later also worked for D.E. Jeff Bezos’s Biography

Bezos founded in 1994, after touring the entire country from New York to Seattle. Amazon’s business plan he used to write in the course of the journey He started the company from his garage. With his work with Amazon, he became a prominent dot-com entrepreneur and a billionaire. In 2004, he founded a startup company called Blue Origin called a human space flight.

Bezos is known for his interest in business process details. As described in Conde Nast’s, they are “one at a time when there is a definite Mughal on one side and on the other hand there is a notorious micromanager … there is an executive who wants to know everything related to Amazon Whether it’s the specifics of the contract or how it has been cited in the Amazon press release.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Artificial Intelligence (AAI) is a term that Jeff Bezos coined in reference to Artificial Intelligence. Some tasks related to processing, such as by looking at a picture, to identify that the person showed is either male or female, still faster than humans by computers. AI is not yet enough to programming such programs.

Work in McDonald’s

Jeff had started his work from working in McDonald’s. While working there, Jeff used to clean the ketchup dropped on the floor. Once during the work the container of five gallons ketchup broke, Jeff explains that this was his first week of work. Therefore, due to being new, its cleaning was done from them. Seeing such behavior with you, Jeff was very disappointed. However, apart from working here, Jeff had no other way. Jeff Bezos’s Biography

Jeffrey Preston changed the shopping world

In the ’90s there was a discovery that has an effect on the world so far. Jeff Bezos, who worked at Wall Street, was watching the Internet revolution very closely. Seeing the fast-growing Internet in America, Jeff decides to quit his job and open an internet company. In Jeff’s mind, Idea comes online again. Jeff makes a list of 20 products that can be sold online. Given the low cost of books and never-ending demand, they start the website to sell online books.

Start of Amazon company

Amazon Shopping

The company has seen the future in the first two weeks. In just two weeks the company started earning $ 20,000 every week. Jeff kept Ryanewood in the company’s growth. Within two months, Amjon started his business in 50 U.S. states. Amjon’s renaissance plan was different. The company did not think of profits for 4-5 years. The stockholders of the company were upset with this. At the time of the 21st century, when the dotcom clutched up, most of the online companies were badly affected but Amjon was even stronger after that. Profit first in the company was in 2001. Live a Healthy Life

Precious Thoughts of Jeffrey Preston

* This life is too short to spend time with those who are not rasososulus *

* A person who can easily solve the difficult problems.

* A brand for a company is like a credit for a person. You try to do hard things and get good credit.

* In Amazon we had three big ideas from which we have been sticking to the last 18 years, and they are the reasons for our success: Keep the customer first. Invent And be patient.

* We do not want to do things just because we can do them … we do not want to do anything in vain.

* There are two types of companies, those who work to charge more, and those who work for less charge. We will be the second one.

* If we have done better than our partners in the internet space in the last 6 years, then it is to keep a laser focus on our customer experience, and it really matters, I believe, in any business. In the online business, it certainly miter, where Word of mouth is very powerful.

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