kim jong un facts- wife, father-Biography

kim jong un facts- wife, father-Biography

In the immediate times, leaders of many countries have come forward for world leadership. At this time, the President of North Korea, Kim Jong-un is in a lot of discussions. It has come in the eyes of the world due to its dictatorial attitude. Due to the variety of missile and bomb tests, many country’s leaders continue to express their displeasure over their activities. Ever since Kim Jong came to power, this country has been constantly surrounded by controversies in the world media. As a dictator, Kim has also banned many things in North Korea. Here special information related to the life of this dictator is giving. kim jong un facts

Kim Jong Un’s Early Life and Education

Kim Jong Un’s birth date and his childhood facts are still mysterious. It believes that Kim Jong Un is Kim Jong Il’s third son. Kim Jong Il was the military leader of North Korea. He was the leader of the Communist Party. He ruled here till the year 1994. Kim Jong Un’s mother’s name is Young. His mother was a good opera singer. In the year 2004, Kim Jong Un made the successor of Kim Jong Il. Out of his three sons, Kim Jong Il saw in Kim Jong Un all the things he wanted for his successor.

Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un got his initial education at Kim Il-sung Military University, after which he sent to study in Switzerland. After this, his father started giving all kinds of training, etc. to make him his successor. In just 20 years of age, the command of governance came in his hands. After the death of his father in the year 2010, he received the throne of North Korea in the year 2011.

Kim Jong Un as President of North Korea (Kim Jong Un North Korea President)

Once in power, Kim Jong Un began sacking several senior officers from the North Korean military. All these officers included in the North Korean military during his father’s rule. In the month of December 2013, his uncle Zhang arrested for conspiring to change the government. In this intrigue, it believes that Jong’s family also involved.

North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un in the dictation of Kim Jong Un

He has done many such things on the day after coming to power, due to which it would not be wrong to call him a dictator. There are several reasons for calling him a dictator which are as follows –

He had dismissed his uncle from his duty. His uncle Jang Song-thank played a very big role in this military during his father’s time.
Kim Jong has banned TV in his country. The people there get to see only what Kim Jong wants to show to the citizens of his country. If a person opposes this then his life can also kill.
Kim Jong has banned haircuts in his country. Only 28 types of hairstyles have implemented here. 10 of these are for men, and 18 for women. Therefore, whoever wants to get their haircut, will have to choose only one of the hairstyles selected by the dictator.
The dictator has also banned the wearing of jeans in his country. Jeans are currently worn in almost all countries, but because of a part of Western civilization, the North Korean dictator has banned wearing them in his country.
Kim Jong-un put his uncle in front of hungry dogs and killed his aunt with poison. Because he thought that his stature was above him.

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No person from North Korea can live outside the country. Just as many Indians live in other countries of the world besides India, the people of North Korea cannot live outside their country because it is the dictator of the dictator there.
There is only one Internet company in North Korea. The dictator there has also kept a lot of control over the Internet service there.
In order to be in the capital of North Korea by a citizen, permission has to be taken by the government there. In the capital, there are often successful people or government bureaucrats.

If a person commits any kind of crime in North Korea, then his entire family is punished. The elderly and children are included in this.
In North Korea, the Bible is considered a symbol of Western civilization. For this reason, keeping it at home is banned in North Korea. Only the Kim family or government is worshiped here.
Vehicles also ban in North Korea. Only government bureaucrats allow keeping vehicles here.
Because of many such decisions, Kim Jong Un is called a dictator.

Kim Jong Un’s suspected weapons test

kim jong un facts
Nuclear weapons Testing

Kim Jong-un since he has sat on the throne of North Korea, he has continuously tested many nuclear bombs. He has run Weapon Testing Program for this, and Halt Nuclear Testing in February 2012 and then in the month of April this year, the country also launched a satellite. However, this satellite failed shortly after taking off. In the month of December this year, the government of this country launched the satellite with the help of a long rocket and it was successful. kim jong un facts

In February 2013, North Korea conducted its third underground nuclear test. This test of North Korea condemned all over the world. The United States of America, Russia, Japan, and China raised a lot of objections to this task of North Korea. It is worth noting that the dispute between North Korea and America is very old, which is going on now.

During the year 2016, Kim Jong performed his fifth Underground Nuclear Test. Other countries in the world showed a tough stance on this test even after strong objection during the last nuclear test. There was also talk of neutralizing North Korea on this. On such a trial by Kim Jong Un, South Korea expressed concern about the security of its country. America also troubles by Kim Jong’s dictatorial attitude. Kim Jong’s constant testing of the atomic bomb causes America trouble.

In February 2017, North Korea launched a long-range ballistic missile. Supervising this missile did by Kim Jong himself. Recently, on September 3, North Korea has tested a hydrogen bomb, due to which earthquake occurred in many places.

Kim Jong Un’s personal life

In 2012, news came that Kim Jong also had a wife. His wife’s name is Ri Sol Joo. It believes that these two married during the year 2009. It was only after the opening of this marriage that his wife came directly in front of the media. The date of the marriage of these two is mysterious to date. Both of them also have a child from this marriage. Kim Jong Un is a part of the cyber generation. Because of this, he is a more mediagenic style than his father. kim jong un facts

While Young Kim used to take part in a music concert in the New Year’s broadcasting program in his time, on the other hand, he now sees more with Kim Jong Military. They have tried to adopt western civilization. The most pointed response received when Dennis Rodman, a full-fledged American, visited North Korea for the first time. He came here in 2013 for a visit. He said that Kim Jong is trying to make good relations with them.

North Korea Economic Situation

The country that conducts nuclear tests one after the other in the coming years, its economic condition must be strong, because these nuclear tests cost a lot of money. It is worth noting that during the year 1990, the economic situation of the country was very bad and there was a situation of famine here. There is a concentration camp in this country, where thousands of prisoners torture. After coming to power, Kim worked to improve the education, farming and economic condition of this country. At this time it was reported by South Korea that there are many anti-human rights reactions in the border of its northern region. However, this charge has also leveled by the US in this country.

  Jong-Un threatens the US and Japan

North Korea’s constant antics may lead to the arrival of the Third World War. The dictator of this country, Kim Jong-un, has also threatened Japan and America in the immediate period. This threat is also having a tremendous impact on world-class trade. kim jong un facts

Kim Jong’s threat to America: Kim Jong-un publicly threatens America, which has caused a significant loss of America’s dignity. North Korea has told the US that ‘America should beat a dog to death’. Kim Jong Un has also said in his statement that America will completely turn into ashes and dust.

Kim Jong’s threat to Japan: Kim Jong Un has targeted Japan and said that it should be completely destroyed by using Nuclear weapons on all four islands of Japan and submerging it in the sea. He also said that Japan will not be around us for long.
It is worth noting, that America is a very powerful country in immediate times. At this time, the situation in Japan is also much better than before. Because of this, how can such countries bear such threats publicly?

Threats affect the stock market

Kim Jong Un’s threats have had a profound impact on the stock market. After this threat, the FTSE 100 has fallen by 28 points. Apart from this, its impact also saw in the stock market in Asia. Nikkei declined by 183.22 or 0.93 pc to reach 19505.25 and at the same time, the Hong Kong stock market saw a decline of 212.9 in HANG SENG. In this way, if there is a negative impact on the economic market, it can invite war.

Could Kim Jong Un have a Third World War? (World War 3)

Such threats by Kim Jong Un are like forcing a powerful country like America to go to war, as the stock markets of these countries are affecting, which will have a direct impact on the country’s economic condition. Due to this, the atmosphere of war can be prepared from all sides. The US ambassador told the United Nations at a meeting of the Emergency Security Council that North Korea was begging for war because of North Korea’s activities. America’s immediate president Donald Trump has told North Korea that if he puts America. kim jong un facts

Japan or South Korea in any way, the US can take military action against North Korea. Because of this, a war can be started at any time by being intimidated by the nuclear test and threats were given by Kim Jong Un from time to time. It is worth noting that Russia and China are also very much shocked by the antics of North Korean dictator Kim Jong. In this way, if the third world war happens, then this time the whole earth can be in crisis.

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